“How will we launch our new product?”

“How do we lower our new customer acquisition cost?”

“How do I get customers to write great service reviews and repeat business?”

Companies Ask:

Iris Is the  Answer 

How much would your business change if you gained 200 customers a month?

Iris Consulting Group is always open to dialogue about new client contracts.

We know that these are some of the most important questions you ask yourself as you build your business, and we have the answers!
Not only will we redesign your sales strategies through proven face-to-face methods. We will also hire and train a team to implement it for you. And Iris Consulting Group will develop the most important team member, the Sales Manager, to boot!

Why it works:

Marketing strategies and promotions are often the most expensive line on a company’s P and L. Yet they are also the life-blood of every product line. That’s why companies spend so much on them. We build your book of business and lower your launch costs.

  • We are sales, marketing, and training experts.

  • We have selective hiring and detailed on-boarding processes. We train someone from right out of college to Branch Management, Week-by-Week Manual included.

  • We exceed our client’s targets in both quality and quantity.

  • We have fun while winning!

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